Maude The Fraud

I am adamantly against cheating and misrepresentation in sport. You take away an honest runner’s hard-earned podium place. The running community is not and should not be complicit with anyone’s cheating, no matter the level. Viral pageant contestant Maude Gorman claimed to have podium finishes in multiple ultramarathon races. She has actually been a pathological liar since childhood – you may google her to find out the details. She has created a persona to fit the needs of whatever audience she has at the moment, just like #3peatCheat #bandit Kelly Roberts. I am not a fan of anyone that does this. We deal with it in modeling all the time – fake ad campaigns, claims of agency representation when there isn’t any, & so much more. Poor fact checking by the media allows for anyone to seek attention & get it in our social media viral society today. The litany of cheats Derek Murphy has proven to break racing rules have all had the same underlying connection of being frauds & profiting from their storylines – Kelly Roberts, Gia Alvarez, Jane Seo. Each wanted to attain elite status in some way, shape, or form – Kelly called herself a #ProAthlete after being caught breaking the rules by purchasing bibs & not paying to run on race courses, #GiaAlvarez thought it was okay to race the prestigious #BostonMarathon with a time she did not earn to qualify that year by giving her bib to someone, thereby taking the place of a genuinely qualified runner (you have to race a time considered fast for your age), and #JaneSeo wanted to qualify for an elite team for the Dashing Whippets in NYC – she went so far as to fake her podium time at a half-marathon by biking the course afterwards when in reality she didn’t race the whole distance. #MaudeGorman has been dropped from @skyrunningusa but still lists herself as #TeamUSA.

Gia Alvarez has been rightly banned from racing by the Boston Athletic Association. Jane Seo was rightfully stripped of her podium placement & dropped from her team immediately. Kelly Roberts did not lose her sponsors – in fact, last year Oiselle hypocritically continued to pay & support her as a cheat while their own real elite pro athlete Kara Goucher had waited a decade for her rightful silver medal at Worlds. (Irony much?) Instead, Kelly Roberts has continued to be disrespectful in sport, breaking rules that should have her banned from the NYRR racing community. She has proven herself a liar once again, deleting all the negative posts she made against Nike while with Oiselle. #BanKellyK

I watched Broken on #Netflix last night – it’s about how ultrarunner Karl Meltzer broke the Appalachian Trail record. Documented day by day. When you see the amount of HARD WORK a REAL & TRUE elite ultrarunner puts in, and then you have a cheat that cuts the course, you can only imagine how wrong it is for the rightful, honest athletes. Insulting to real elites. Disrespectful to the sport. Proof has been shown that they’re cheats & should be banned accordingly.  Not a fan of cheats – your previous traumas & tragedies do not excuse breaking the rules. ESPECIALLY when REAL hardworking, non-cheating elite athletes aren’t given their due respect. In fact, Oiselle’s CEO Sally Bergesen has been hypocritical in her treatment of American Record holding athlete Tori Franklin. When she doesn’t pay her own elites a living wage (there’s a long list of Haute Volee athletes that are not/were not paid), but supported paying a dishonest, cheating brand ambassador influencer in Kelly Roberts that ACTUALLY lacked integrity instead, Oiselle is an epitome of hypocrisy when they claim that they are against cheating in sport. (There is also the story of former Oiselle pro ultrarunner elite athlete Devon Yanko, who found herself on the floor of a casino in 2017 after an ER trip seeking a ride home as Oiselle’s Birdstrike team celebrated their victory at the Speed Project without her. No bird left behind? Not in this case.) Truth is hard to find in today’s media-driven society. Seek it out & you shall find. 

The beauty of this sport is that you get out of it what you put into it. Work hard for your times and own them. No excuses. One love. Run love. Signed, a Team USA NCCWMA silver medalist runway model #TeamUSATF #RunnersAgainstCheating


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Aysha is a sometimes writer, full-time cheerleader for #TrackNation who has an affinity for modeling on high-fashion runways in Vogue and formerly coached Olympian Kara Goucher on the art of the selfie in her spare time. Her educational background involves a serious love of science and medicine, with a dual-degree in Cell Biology & Neuroscience/Psychology, and accompanying research in Stem Cell Biology. Founder of #MuslimModelsMatter, #StrongInMyMakeup & an advocate for #RunnersAgainstCheating, Aysha believes that #StrongLooksDifferentOnEveryone & won't hesitate to remind others of this truth. She is based in NJ/NYC and currently coached by Rob DeCarlo. Her most epic run was her first marathon, NYC 2013. But her heart is rooted in racing 5ks, cross country and as a miler on the track, where she happily earned 2 NCCWMA silver medals representing the United States in the 1500m & 800m August of 2017. Current dreams include racing at the Olympic Trials exhibitions one day. Oh, and a BQ/Boston Marathon when she backs off the return to speed. You can tweet her some love and contact her with @ModelAyshaMirza.

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