Father’s Day

I am so blessed and grateful to still have my father in my life, and a beautiful Sunday full of his happiness (Pakistan just won the Super Bowl of cricket for the first time in 25 years! I know nothing about cricket. I may not know how a sport works, but I will always happily cheer!)

We don’t know everyone’s story. But as beautiful as it is to celebrate fathers, there are just as many that are dealing with loss.

I lost my Taya Ji (Urdu title of respect for your father’s elder brother, ie my uncle) last summer. It was a significant loss in my family, as he was our last elder. You never know someone’s story unless they have the courage to tell it. Today, he would have been so happy to watch the cricket championship. The coincidence that the win happened on the same day in Ramadan (our holy month) that it did 25 years ago is not lost.

My Taya Ji believed in me & believed in my running. He understood more than I realized. My heart is indebted to him.

I have more empathy than others know for loss. My story is much more intense than that which I have barely written, but I am not ready to tell it.

Sending love to everyone. Because families are complicated. And I know so many will feel it today. I am thinking of you.

Happy Father’s Day.
Happy Father’s Day to all of our dads here.
Happy Father’s Day to all of us whom are thanking our dads.
Happy Father’s Day to all of the men that have served as our dads, biological or non.
Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads that have taken in others’ children as their own.
Happy Father’s Day to all of us whom have lost our dads which makes today a little harder.
Happy future Father’s Day to all of the men who are currently waiting to become dads.
And every last bit of love to the men who’ve experienced a loss, making today more painful. May you have the patience and grace to overcome and may God bless all souls. I’m thinking of you too.


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Aysha is a sometimes writer, full-time cheerleader for #TrackNation who has an affinity for modeling on high-fashion runways in Vogue and formerly coached Olympian Kara Goucher on the art of the selfie in her spare time. Her educational background involves a serious love of science and medicine, with a dual-degree in Cell Biology & Neuroscience/Psychology, and accompanying research in Stem Cell Biology. Founder of #MuslimModelsMatter, #StrongInMyMakeup & an advocate for #RunnersAgainstCheating, Aysha believes that #StrongLooksDifferentOnEveryone & won't hesitate to remind others of this truth. She is based in NJ/NYC and currently coached by Rob DeCarlo. Her most epic run was her first marathon, NYC 2013. But her heart is rooted in racing 5ks, cross country and as a miler on the track, where she happily earned 2 NCCWMA silver medals representing the United States in the 1500m & 800m August of 2017. Current dreams include racing at the Olympic Trials exhibitions one day. Oh, and a BQ/Boston Marathon when she backs off the return to speed. You can tweet her some love and contact her with @ModelAyshaMirza.

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